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For the first time, AI reads handwriting more accurately than a human. With Vidado, you can now extract and digitize otherwise-inaccessible data.

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Vidado is the only enterprise-grade solution for digitizing and enriching data of the quality at the scale and speed modern business demands.

  • 90%+ guaranteed accuracy day 1.
  • 250+ enterprise production workflows.
  • Low-code implementation

Vidado’s AI Outperforms Humans


Our technology has proven to be 1000x faster than a human


Increases straight-through processing up to 50% with no human intervention


Machine learning trained on over 1 billion human-verified data points

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Taha A. Kass-Hout at FDA

Vidado allows us to upload scans of reports received via mail, fax or pdf and get back structured, machine-readable data that is remarkably accurate, even for free-form handwriting.

David Jones at Accenture

Vidado’s new AI-powered READ engine makes the decision to implement automation a no-brainer by relieving enterprises of the burden of manual workflows. Intelligent automation is now within everyone’s grasp.

Ed Walsh at New York Life

Excellent data quality is key to a best-in-class customer experience, which makes Vidado’s technology especially attractive as we look for easily scalable, innovative solutions in this area.

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